My Fucked up weekend, no seriously, I was fucked up.
on 2003-10-20 at 4:37 p.m. Okay, Im gonna start off by saying this is a long entry about my weekend, and drinking heavily. If these two topics don't interest you, you can stop here, but goddamn, What a weekend!

So it all started on Thursday night with "Texas Chainsaw Massacre" with Alipow!. That was over about midnight and I got a decent night's sleep. That may not have seemed important then, but as the weekend unfolded that would prove to be my last decent night's sleep for awhile.

On Friday, I worked 8:30-5:30, then went out to dinner with Misty at the local cafeteria. We were definitely the youngest in the crowd, and it made me think of my grandparents and how they used to eat dinner at like 3pm, lunch at 10:30am, and breakfast the night before. Just kidding, but old people seem like they just can't wait til meal time, like they are afraid they may croak before it gets here, so they eat early in the hopes of tricking God. So after that, I had thought of going to hear an Australian Aboriginal Actor speak at Hollins, but decided against it, and instead opted for drinking with Alipow! and attending the No Shame Theatre at Mill Mountain, with Alipow and Richard. I came away quite impressed and also quite disturbed by some of Roanoke's local "talent". That's right worn-out chicken, you know who you are. The theatre ended around midnight, which meant one thing, METRO! Our local Friday night hangout wasn't ready for the likes of Jonzo, Alipow!, and Richard. Alipow had mentioned an article in her blog about people going out and having only one drink. Well, we only had one after the play. We still shut metro! down. We ate a pizza on the street corner , and parted ways about 2:30. I had to be at work from 8am-5pm. I went home at 5 and changed into my tux, for looming ahead in the evening was "Affair in the Square", Center's hob-knobbing fundraiser. Sporting 70 drink tickets and 3 women (Alipow, Richard, and Misty) we tore up affair. Consuming 66 drinks between the four of us. That's over a four hour period people, 8pm to 12pm. So Affair ended at midnight, and we escaped to the friendly confines of, yep, you guessed it, Metro! So we drank a few more there, and along with some serious dancing, and some serious laughing, accompanied by pics that Misty will certainly share in the next few days, we shut it down again. Complete with Misty and Rebekah dancing with Sergio and Mike, two random guys who turned out not to be gay, or dancers. We walked out to Alipow's car around 2:30am, and she and Misty decided to split, with Alipow headed home and Misty headed to Richard's apartment to crash. Everyone seemed lucid enough to drive, at least with beer goggles on, oops.

So with them gone, I walked Richard to her car, only to discover that I was walking a straight line, and so was she, and she was veering off to the left, quite a ways, like 20 feet, all the while talking to me like I was standing next to her. Upon arriving at her car, I convinced her to let me drive her home. I figured Misty could bring her back in the morning. So we get to Richard's apartment, and Misty opens the door. I said "Hey, I brought Richard home, can you take her to get her car in the morning? " She said "Sure, mine is downtown too." I said, "No dear, your's is parked in the parking lot next to mine, you just drove here." To which she responds "Really? I thought my car was still downtown?" Following a good laugh, It dawned on me just how little any of us needed to be driving. Hindsight is 20-20 people. So I shared an L shaped sofa with Misty, while Richard retired to her room. I don't think I have ever been the type of person to drink enough that they could not drive, but I was close enough on Saturday night that I didn't even hesitate to stay on the short end of the sofa. My mother would be proud. Or embarrassed, either way. The small part of the sofa is much smaller than it looks, hence my turning the corner and intruding on Misty's personal space. I got a few toes stuck up my nose, but other than that, I did get some sleep. I set my alarm for 7:30, cause I knew the dogs couldn't take much more time than that in the house, and I got up and went home. Slept a couple more hours, then called up Richard to see how they were fairing. She said Misty was a little groggy, but Richard and I seemed fine. We decided to meet back at her place to do the Downtown living tour of Apartments in downtown. After a breakfast of little chocolate donuts, chocolate milk, coke, biscuits, and cherry frosted pop-tarts that the Indian guy had to dig up from the back of the getty mart, we embarked on our walking tour. About the 4th place we stopped, Richard and I both turned to each other, in the middle of climbing stairs, and said "Now I feel hungover." After the tour was over, Misty headed home, and Richard and I headed over to Mo and Trent's house for food, and "80's game" night. She and I kicked some major ass, and Kristie and Mo, were LOSERS! Take that you two. And we were the youngster group, oh yeah. So being the self-proclaimed kick-ass group we decided it was time to end the weeked, early, and go home about 10. So I drove her car home, to her place, and intended on going home, but then we started a philosophical religious discussion, and that kinda woke me up, we talked for a while, and as the green sofa's tried to suck me in for the last time, I was able to break free of the fabric mystical tractor beam, long enough to get out the door. (As a side note, these are the exact sofas Misty has in red.)

So I ended up getting home about midnight, and what do I do, I surf the friggin internet for two hours before going to sleep. Thank God I didn't have to work today until 5. So here I am, about to clock in, and gonna go bowling tonight. I plan an early evening, but as you can tell, I no longer stick with plan as stringently as I used to. Peace out my homies...

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