Getting you up to date...
on 2003-11-21 at 3:07 p.m. So yeah, Hi! It's me. The guy who runs this thing. I've been AWOL for what, good lord, ten days now. Odd, that's the ten days Richard has been back from Boston. Okay, it has more to do with that fact that I've been busy, than anything else, but yes, a lot of my free time has gone towards spending quality time with her. I've spent one night alone since then, and i had a hard time sleeping. I know my dog misses the bed, but, I think she also understands what is going on. I know people say she's just a dog, she doesn't understand. Yes she does, she gets jealous, and if she gets jealous, it's because she knows my time is being spent elsewhere, and not with her. She may not like it, but she understands. It also won't always be that way.

I've been pretty busy with work, trying to finish up some things and catch up on others. Spending some time recently painting Richard's bedroom. It will be a very cool look when the design is finished, and I'll post some pics.

Tonight Richard, Misty, Alipow, and I will be dining at a local establishment that Richard and Alipow have never visited, but that I am quite fond of, and that Misty has been to. Claudia's it is called. It is a small hole in the wall, but they have great food, good music, and a nice ambience. Afterwards, we plan on heading back to Richard's to work on the bedroom, and I probably stay with her tonight since I head out of town early in the morning with Don to see the UVA vs. GT football game. Go Hoos!

Other than that, not a whole lot has been happening. I know you guys are tired of hearing sappy stuff from me, but I did get a humungous boatload of brownie points while Richard was traveling home, and I haven't been here since, so i thought you might like to hear the story. It was rather random, but just too perfect to ignore. She called me from Logan in Boston to tell me that her plane had been delayed and that she would miss her connection in Detroit giving her a long ass layover til the next plane late that evening. So we talked and I could tell she was a little bummed, and that she had nothing with her to distract her, because her layover was originally quite short. So I had a really sympathetic feeling when we got off the phone. I logged on to check my e-mail, and on the AOL screen popped up the day's news. One of the items a couple rows down the page said "Top 10 airport spas in the U.S.". So i got curious and I clicked on it. Number 5? You guessed it. Detroit/Wayne County International Airport. OraOxygen it's called. So i called them up. Made an appointment for a pedicure and manicure, and paid with my card over the phone. So I called her back, told her she had an appointment at OraOxygen, and where to go when she got there. Now I'm a sappy bastard, but even I know that was just perfection at it's purest. There is no way that could have been pure luck. I think the kharmic timing I have lamenting over for years, has finally paid me back. I don't think I really needed the brownie points, but damnit, she's worth it, and it made me feel great to be able to do something like that. Okay, that's all the sappiness for this entry.

On other fronts, my fat ass is getting smaller by the week. I have discovered the joys of shopping places where i can actually just buy clothes off any old rack. I can even comfortably wear clothing with only one X in front of the L. Speaking of which, I bought this coat at Target, and it fits, in a size XL. That's right, I didn't have to shell out the $5.00 more for the XXL. Man that feels good. I haven't been as hardcore on the diet in the last month or so as I should be. I'm still losing, but just not as fast as I was over the summer. However, Richard is keeping me fairly active (remove minds from gutter please), not just painting, but we walk and we are having a new competition. We both belong to the Y here in town, and we've challenged each other with a contest. Whoever does their full workout more times in a month gets dinner bought by the other person. Nothing terribly fancy, but something out, and not pizza/chinese/subway. I thought at first it might be detrimental to have her there, because I wouldn't be able to concentrate, but the more i think about it, I think it is much more motivation than anything else. Besides we both work so much, that whoever makes it more than 8-10 times a month will win.

Okay so I thought I had nothing to say today, but I guess a few things have stumbled out. I apologize for my lax updating, and I'll do better to keep on track. I'm out.

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