Being single, but having good friends.
on 2003-10-21 at 4:34 p.m. Well, the curse of the green (or Red) sofas struck again last night. It was hellish trying to keep myself upright, in fact i wasn't able to keep myself upright, but i was able to remain awake, albeit not alert. Watched "Super Troopers" all the way through with Richard. Of course, My intention was to drop by and hook up her DVD player, but that of course, turned into making sure it worked, and then of course, watching a two hour movie and an hour's worth of deleted scenes. Damn you DVD's with all your random fun things, and flat out movie hilariousness.

So i got home between 2:30 and 3:00am. And I was here by 8:30am. I'm working until 9, then i may just go home and shoot myself. Either that, or I may find something else to keep me out til the wee hours of the night.

Okay onto another topic...

Man, having a S/O is a mixed bag. On one hand you have someone to hang with and do things with, but this is not always a good thing, you also have to put in so much effort just to avoid so many small pitfalls, that really aren't big deals. Being a single dude, nobody harrasses me if I want to spend the evening watching a movie with a friend (who happens to be female). Nobody gives me shit about drinking too much once a week or so, or spending the night with Misty's toes stuck up my nasal passages. There is nobody harping on me about always working, never spending time with them, or never wanting to do what they want to do. Life is grand. But Love is nil. You lose all the small things that make couples, couples. You lose the glances, the inside jokes, the intimate knowledge, and the honed in thought process. These are things I'm willing to give up for a while, til I meet the right person. Til then I'm content with my Life, happy as a clam, that is as long as we all stay single, cause I'd hate sharing my spot on either color sofa, with someone whose toes I'd be afraid to have stuck up my nose in the middle of the night.

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Wisdom tells me I'm Nothing.
Love tells me I'm Everything.
Between the two my life flows.