on 2003-11-06 at 2:59 p.m. So this morning Mo called down to see what was up, asked if we needed anything. I told her to come down and massage my toes. She said no, I said, "you said anything, i was merely stating what i needed." She said she would send James down. Neither ever came. So about 20 minutes later I went up to her office, cause i had to go up to the fifth floor anyway to drop off some stuff, and she and James were sitting in the office, so i plopped down in the third chair, and pulled off my shoes. Neither of them still looked eager. So then Mo's phoen rang, a teacher wanting to knwo how to schedule a visit. So I proceeded to mimic Mo by wiggling my toes, and giving personification to my foot, making it a talking and moving entity. Mo proceeded to talk, while trying not to laugh until finally she just broke down and told the teacher what was going on so she could laugh out loud.

Two days ago, I was sitting at the front desk with Kristie when she picked up the microphone to make a museum wide announcement. Right as she picked it up and turned it on and started talking, i said aloud "Hi, my name is Kristie, and I have something to say!" She started laughing so hard, she punched me, then made me make the announcement with a straight face.

It is small insane moments like these

that keep us sane around here.

P.S.- I told my boss about Richard today. She is remarkably pleased for me, and it did not phase her one bit that she works for me. That is a load off my mind. I mean her son and daughter have both worked here too, so it wasn't that, it was the issue of dating that bothered me. But she's cool with it, so rock on.

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Wisdom tells me I'm Nothing.
Love tells me I'm Everything.
Between the two my life flows.