5 days
on 2003-11-04 at 2:57 p.m. So I introduced Richard to the family en masse on Sunday. She met Aunt Ann, Daddy Mac, Mast A and Master J, Nephew (Second cousin) Mason, Mom, Dad, and Great Aunt Mary. Trial by Fire if there ever was one. Just kidding, I like to think my family is pretty accepting of whomever i bring to dinner, but I think Richard got a small taste of what the Jonzo Family is all like. Her parents know my parents indirectly. My grandfather delivered her dad at a local hospital, and he knows my family from a former business they owned, so I have a small in. She wonders where i get my openness and honesty, well she found out on Sunday. The first thing we heard when we sat at the table was "She eats meat right? Ten years of vegetarians is enough Jon, don't you think?" And it's true, my last two girlfriends would not have been caught dead at the Texas Steakhouse on a Sunday night. Too smokey for one, nothing to eat for the other. More like bullshit from both. My family is not oen to beat around the bush, Richard gets thrown into the fire, and comes through smokin. I think she passed the test with ease, other than the fact that dad got all excited thinking her t-shirt was for the red sox, when in actuality it was the white sox. Ehh, he's a fairweather fan anyway.

So all in all, I think she's passed the family gauntlet, I'm not sure how i did with hers, although i met both parents on Friday night. My friends seem to like her too, we share some, but even the ones who haven't met her have said i sound different, better, more alive than before. I tell them it's her, and immediately they love her. Who wouldn't?

Something i neglected to mention earlier in my entry is that Richard's trip to Boston is to visit a friend, who is also an ex. I have reservations obviously after such a short relationship, that maybe there is still something there. Last night as I was getting ready to leave her place to head home, she looked at me funny. I asked what she was looking at? She asked me if everything was okay, and of course i said "Yes." What i really meant was "Don't go." But I'm not that much of an ass. I want her to go and do, i want her to have these faraway friends, cause I don't want her to be worrying about me in similar situations. She said "Are you nervous about Boston?" I said "A little", and we talked for awhile. She made it pretty clear that I hadn't anything to worry about. I told her I only worry because I care, I'm not the jealous type, I don't get put off by other guys, but for some reason, I feel a strong desire to hold her forever close to me, no matter how much i know this is good for her to go. I'm all of a sudden selfish, longing to be the one she visiting, longing to be the one she's gonna see shows with, and tour cities with. I need to remind myself that I am that guy, that I can do it, I can beleive in her, I can trust her, I can be happy for her, and I will miss her. 5 days. So much has happened in the past 5 days, I look forward to the next 5.

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