Talented Tongues
on 2003-11-04 at 9:24 a.m. So I guess a lot has happened since last I graced these pages. Three days. So many things can come and go in three days. Alas, not much has come or gone for me this three days. I’m still infatuated with Richard. She is absolutely unbelievable. We spend a lot of time together, but she’s leaving for 5 days in Boston on Saturday, so we have to get it in while we can. One thing I haven’t overtly mentioned in here, that could most likely get us in trouble, is that Richard works for me two days a week. I intend to maintain a professional work relationship with her, and defer all personnel issues to someone else. She and I talked at length about this, and we both decided it was possible to have a working relationship separate from our personal relationship. That sounds all well and good, but today will be a good test. We have a luncheon, pot-luck as it is, where all the available employees bring in a dish and we eat lunch together. We do this every once and a while, when there is going to be a busy day. Today looks to be that way as kids are out of school for election day. So luncheon today will be first real test of the “working” relationship.

Alipow and I have been talking about going somewhere for New Years. I’m hoping Misty or Richard will be able to get some time to come along.

Weekend was cool, Friday night was Halloween. Along with Richard and her Sister-in-law, took Richard’s nieces trick or treating. Their father is in Iraq, and they are a little skittish around new people, so naturally I was the big bad scary looking guy, nothing new there. I would like to think they warmed up over time. After that we drove out to Misty’s house for dinner and a Halloween movie. We watched Sleepy Hollow, which I had already seen. I fell asleep, and only woke up to take Richard home. I stayed over at her place, I was exhausted. I got up and went home on Saturday morning to change, while she went out to Brunch with her family. She worked for a while then came over to watch football and eat pizza with me. She ended up staying with me on Saturday night. Sunday morning she went home to change, as we had decided to go to church. Yes people that is two weeks in a row. I’m a little shocked myself. Master J and Master A were in town so I wanted to see my nephew (second cousin, whatever). So we went to church arriving during the sermon, but in plenty of time to hear the “Talented Tongues” song which made us both giggle uncontrollably during the service.

After church was Pancake house, rock on, I love me some pancake house. Then laundry at the laundrymat, then Dinner at Texas steakhouse for Master J and Master A’s birthday. Then watched 30 minutes of Jerry Maguire before falling asleep on the sofa and needing a cattle prod to get me up at 1am to go home.

All in all, one long weekend, but one I’d do again in heartbeat. I’m feeling like there may be a nice deep insightful entry flowint through me today, it may not come til tomorrow, but I’ll start on it today, and who knows, if I get motivated I might just get it out here today… Jon

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