All the exes...
on 2003-10-14 at 6:16 p.m. Okay, so my mom didn't dress me today, but she did buy the outfit. I intended to take a pic for you guys, but my camera batteries are dead so you'll have to settle for the mental image. I'm wearing black and white, houndstooth looking pants, a ribbed black sweater and my new black low top dress doc martens. I look very metrosexual today, so i'm told. Either that or a chef, so Onebluegreen has said, although she has only heard the description, not seen it. This would not normally have been an outift i bought for myself, but i appreciate mom's effort to acknowledge my weight loss, and I will wear it again, in the right setting. It is a good outfit for work, it is comfortable, and not too dressy, but dressy enough to pass in this office.

I've got to find someone to alter my tuxedo for Saturday night. It is gonna look really large if i can't get it done. Hopefully tomorrow is the day. I think I'm gonna wear these docs with my tux too.

So on to my real entry and away from my wardrobe...

Oh one more wardrobe related thing. I was watching something on tv over the weekend where this guy said he had four favorite t-shirts and that was it. Mom said facetiously that that sounded like me. I said yeah, I have four favorite t-shirts too, but about 300 others that rank right below that. I'm not joking either. I washed at least 120 t-shirts this weekend, and i have an entire dresser full i still hadn't worn. I've been three months without washing t-shirts, and I could easily go another 3-5 months without ever wearing the same t-shirt. Okay, yeah, i have a thing for random t-shirts.

So i've been having a rather frank discussion recently with a friend who shall remain nameless about her failing marriage and her need to feel something more than she does. I guess what i don't understand about these situations is, when is enough enough? When does being in a miserable relationship become being in a destructive relationship? What is the straw that breaks the camels back? How do you know when you've reached the point that you've had all you can take, and you just hit the door, with everything you own right behind you? Is there such thing as a clean break? I think of the several people I know, who are either divorced or getting that way, no relationship ever ended amicably. I feel like all three of my relationships have ended amicably, and i wonder what it is about marriage that makes it so much more of a big deal. I mean i'm not a fool, i understand that marriage is a sacred thing, that people do not go into lightly, and i'm not advocating anything to destroy that, but why is it so much harder to give up? Why do people keep working when there is no visible agreement in sight. Why make yourself miserably when you knwo it is not going to get better. I mean i'm all for working things out, but there is a point when both of you know, it is not going to work out, why can't you just give up, and agree to move on? Even after you divorce, what is there to argue about, even if you feel wronged. Unless there is some issue of trust like adultery or such, people should be able to be rational adults and move on, knowing there are greener pastures. maybe i'm an idealist, but i'm happy to say, I can still converse with all my exes and have a pleasant conversation.

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