3 nights in a row
on 2003-10-12 at 3:45 p.m. Wooo. I've been out late three nights in a row. That's got to be a post-college record for this guy. I wasn't planning to go anywhere, even going so far as to turn down an evening of watching movies on the Red Sofa. I got off work around 5:30-6. I ate dinner at the mall with Richard, and then went home, showered, and hopped in bed. Don woke me about 9:30 to say he was going to meet two friends at Corned Beef at 10. I hate that place, but for some reason, i felt compelled to go and i did. I sat and talked to KB. I drank, alot. And when they kicked us out, Donw as long gone, with woman in tow, and KB and I went to Waffle House. That's two out of three nights for me at waffle house, i need my own booth. I saw my half sister there, and she begged me not to tell her parent's that i saw her. So needless to say, i woke up late today,a nd have mowed the grass and moped around the house.

Not much else to say. I have a morning appointment at the bank, that i'll explain tomorrow. Later...

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