My weekend, Zero Sleepytime.
on 2003-10-27 at 12:16 p.m. WEll sleep is at a premium in this man's life, and I'm not willign to pay top dollar for it. Friday night was the camp-in. Jaime and I put the campers to sleep and then hung out in my office, talked on the phone to Misty, and watched people wandering out of Cornerstone, Metro!, and Tavern stumbling down the sidewalks. I stayed up until about 3am, and then crashed on the sofa in my office, wheich is actaully like a loveseat size, so it was awkward but doable. Saturday morning came around 6:30am. Got the campers up and packed up, sent them all home, picked up Don, and headed to Charlottesville for the UVA football game. Won the game, and headed home. We both were a little sloppy before the game, I sobered up during, but he kept on pounding the old grandad and coke. After the game we headed back to the noke, I dropped him off at home and stopped by Richard's place. I had told her we would watch a movie or something and i would go home early (famous last words). Ended up deciding to walk down to Macado's for dinner. By the time we ate, drank, walked back, and watched Mallrats, I was exhausted. Damn green sofa. So i slept there. about 4 hours.

Sunday morning she was playing handbells at my parent's church, so i went along. I dropped her off, went home and changed, walked the dogs, and went back to church, They have now seen me twice in a month, i hope i don't start giving the wrong impression to them. We were dressed up so i suggested a nice lunch, since i don't get dressed up on the weekend very often. Then after stuffing ourselves, I fell asleep again at her place and slept for a good five hours. I had to work from 9pm to 7am this morning, so i got up and went to work. Spent the night watching the security cameras and playing on the internet. Now I'm home, and I need to sleep, eat, and find my halloween costume which is buried somewhere in the garage.

So that was about the jist of my weekend, overall a good one, but very low in the sleepy time. I'll have to work on that :)

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