What makes you proud to be you?
on 2003-09-25 at 10:18 p.m. So I just typed this and friggin Aol booted me, Iím gonna try it again. So basically, I skipped the Rock vs. Stiffler movie tonight, I wasnít really feeling it. That and it is nice to have some time alone. Iíve watched Sixteen Candles on DVD (ďOh Sexy Girlfriend!Ē), and now The Breakfast Club is on the Chicago channel, WGN. The most motivated I have been was when I rolled in here to type this out. My old man bought a new ride today; it looks like thisÖ

Iíll take a pic of it one day, but they are out of town tonight. Anyway, so on the way back from helping pick up the other car, since he decided not to trade in his old car, I saw this woman, who totally made me angry, not by her actions today, but by her actions in the past. Last year this time, I lived in my own house, I watched my own TV, slept in my own bed, cooked in my own kitchen, when the electricity worked. I lost close to $10,000 in cash, hours of labor by myself and my friends, and blood sweat and tears in that house. I had that fixer-upper getting close to fixed up, until that bitch pulled the rug out from under me. I canít get too into specifics except to say I wrote about it last year, in late fall, and that woman still inspires hate in me. Iíve never been someone to hate anyone, I extremely dislike a few people, like Celine Dion, and Mariah Carey, and for someone reason I have developed a weird dislike for John Stamos? Anyway, this woman I think is the only person I can truly say deserves all the hate headed her way. She cost me more than money, more than pride, more than freedom; she cost me individuality at a time when I really needed it. Not that my parents are bad to live with, but I shouldnít have to, Iíve lived on my own since I was 19, self-supported, and now some person who doesnít know me from Adam has taken that a way. I really wish she would drop off the face of the planet. Oh, and that house is for sale by the way, for $12,000 more than it was when I bought it, but I swear to god, Iíll do everything in my power to make sure anyone who tries to buy it finds out what kind of shady bitch she is. I didnít do anything when I moved out, because I had no desire to go to court, maybe I should have, maybe not, who knows. But one thing Iíll tell you is, I feel like a smarter person now because of it. You only get taken advantage of like that once, Iíll be the most critical person of contracts, Iíll read every piece of fine print around, and Iíll be damned if Iíll sign anything, out of necessity or on a whim without having it read by my lawyer. Iím lucky that I had friends to help me move in and out, paint, fix things, etc.Ö Anyone not so lucky would easily fall prey to this womanís scheme, and that would be pitiful.

In other news, Misty is hand making felted purses, and they are too cool. Go to her page and ask for pictures, everybody needs to see these. Sheís trying to make 100 of them and sell them to pay for her classes in her MFA program. She knows Iíll be buying them for x-mas for friends and family, but you guys really need to see them.

Iím headed to Charlottesville on Saturday for the football game, UVA vs. Wake Forest, look for me on TV. Okay, you wonít see me, but it ought to be a good game so tune in anyway. Itís gearing up to be a fun trip, Iím stoked. Little drinking, little eating, little football, lots of fun.

My office is getting a much needed cleaning, and it is going swimmingly. You guys saw the list of cool things I found, the rest is mostly papers, but Iíll let you know if anything worth noting pops up.

Some friends I know through crnflkgirl and Alipow are getting married this weekend. I wish the two of them the best; Iím going to send a present after payday, within the one-year limit of course.

I finally found a seamstress/tailor who is willing to take in my tux for Centerís fund-raiser that is coming up. I havenít even worn the damn thing and it looks like a tent when I put it on. Such a mixed emotion there, I hate that I spent that money on something I may never get to wear, and then again, for it to be so huge after only two months kicks ass.

These late night entries are never filled with insight, more with tales or introspective reflection on experiences past, more like stories or rants than thought provoking statements. Iím not a morning person. But I write best in the morning, why is that?

Why are there interstates in Hawaii? Oh yeah, go thought provocation!

Well, Iím gonna wrap this up, but I think I want to start a few new pages here. I really do not like the quotes pages Iím seeing around d-land, blogs, xanga, whatever. Iím gonna put up a quotes page with things that are meaningful to me, not just random quotes that people think are famous. I donít care if Fred Flintstone said it, what was said is what is important. I want to try to find a way to use a tag board or something only on that page, cause I want to know quotes that inspire others. I want to know not just short quotes; I want to know passages, poems, chapters of books, things that you feel made a difference in your life. Things that inspired you to go out and try something new, or to give up something important. If you were inspired by last monthís Esquire feature article on Muhammad Ali, tell me why. If you were inspired by The Jungle by Upton Sinclair to quit eating meat, then tell me what part and why. I know that is a difficult assignment, but Iím so curious as to what inspires people. I find the randomness of things Iím inspired by so profound. Sometimes it can be a word or a smile at the right time, by the right person, Other times, a motivational speaker couldnít get me motivated with a cattle prod, a bucket of chicken, and a harem. So I know itís asking a lot, but tell me what it is, what makes you proud to be you?

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