Tom Selleck needs a better gig.
on 2003-09-28 at 10:22 p.m. Okay, if you should eb tempted to watch tonights CBS Movie, 12 Mile Road, please don't. It was on while I was painting and I think it really affected my mood. I wrote a whole entry on why i feel this way,and I deleted it. Let's just say Tom Selleck, with a girlfriend who is trying to force her daughter to have an abortion at sixteen while her religious Christian boyfriend wants her to get married to him and have the child all while Tom's daughter from a previous marriage is walking around like "Daria" in a bumpkin town. I suddenly felt myself wishing that Della Reese would come down to earth kill them all and then be abducted by aliens. It was that farcical people. I mean people pick on Southpark for having these horrible ways of expressing their opinions and beliefs, but I'm more likely to take heart in Southpark than I am in an underacted, overproduced Tom Selleck made-for-tv, hallmark sponsored, pro-life, Male uninvolved film. Why couldn't Magnum just stay typecast? It so embarrasing to see him emasculated in this way. Tom gather up your sack and walk out on this shit before the only movie you can get is the Lifetime, movie of the week where you beat up Maridith Baxter Byrnie til she's so frustrated that she kills you on her PMS rage and then is able to be successfully defended by her all-star female lawyer team. Okay, rant over.

On to other things. Yesterday, I was sick, I felt like ass, head cold and such. Went to the UVA-Wake Forest Game. Game was excellent, company was even better, but I'm suddenly exhausted. Long day yesterday, and helped Invisible Don move some stuff today. Not alot, he had finished most of it, but nevertheless I'm worn out. Not tired, just physically run down. I've got two more long days in a row, but next weekend I'm off, with nothing to do but a little yard work. See you guys tomorrow...-Jon

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