dinner with misty,a nd the ambulance chasing jeweler.
on 2003-11-11 at 2:38 p.m. So Kristie and I just had a healthy chat. Both of us had been at each other's throats this morning for no reason, and come to find out both of us were a little off by things going on personally more than businesswise. She's at an awkward place in her relationship now, and eventhough I'm not really in an awkward place i still feel weird right now. I mean Richard and I are getting along famously, and I'm obviously quite taken, but the last two weeks has been a constant, in you rface relationship, something I'm not used to, but that is actually going quite well, but then this sudden five days apart is eating me up. I shouldn't have this feeling, so soon, and it is kinda disheartening to have this much attachment in such a short time. But alas, that is how it has played out, and our honesty agreement has been refreshing. Alipow and Misty have kept me pretty busy the past few days, but at the same time, as I told Misty last night, I feel distracted, like my mind wanders somewhere else. Misty and I ate at the cafeteria last night, which is fast becoming a regular thing for us. It is funny, it makes me laugh, to see us sitting there, most likely the youngest twosome in the place, and she talks while I eat, then I finish as she gets started eating, then i talk while she eats. I can see Misty and I being like this in 30 years, gathered at K&W on Monday night, taking turns talking and eating, it makes me laugh to know one day, we may be the old folks who give us looks now.

I went to a local Jeweler yesterday to get my nice watch repaired. It was bought for me by my ex, twice removed.I bought her a watch as well that year, and mine has been broken for awhile, but i needed something, so into the shop it went. While I was there, My jeweler guy wanted to remind me that i had a credit anytime i needed to use it. I laughed, and asked him if he knew something i didn't. he said "isn't it about time you started looking at rings?" I was like "I'm not dating lexie anymore." he said "I know, but it is never too soon to start looking." I was floored. It is too soon. way too soon. and how did he know about lexie, is he covering? how does he know i'm dating someone? Are jewelers like ambulance chasers nowadays, what's up with that?

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