Last eve, and the fat man's new clothes...
on 2003-10-10 at 3:53 p.m. Okay, so I've slept four hours, and I'm wearing the same clothes i mentioned in last nights entry.

I was pretty stoked after my entry yesterday, i even went out to the garage to sort through clothes i've had since highschool and not able to wear. So i found at least 40 shirts and a couple pair of pants, including two suits, and a couple sport coats that I can wear. but the best thing was all the old outer wear. Old J Crew, Old Eddie Bauer, things that were cool, and not too preppy at the time, that so are back in. you won't find them in today's Eddie Bauer, or today's J. Crew, but you'll find them in this fat man's closet now :). A couple of really nice, really unworn sweaters. Three Columbia Jackets I had outgrown, but that will get plenty of wear this year, and at least 10 other types of jackets, leather, car coats, trenchcoat, wool coats, etc... that were always really nice, but just a few sizes too small. Well, they all fit now. It's like going shopping at the cool store, because you know, you don't have to pay for it, and you already liked it, because you bought it once before. Of course, I also ran across the box of misfit outfits. Things that I never would have worn anyway, and those went promptly in the trash.

But back to why I'm still wearing this outfit. So I went out to see "Kill Bill". It was good, and gorey. If you are looking for blood spurting with Quentine Tarantino type lunacy, this is it. Date movie it is not. I met Richard (AKA Inkblot) and InvisibleDon there. Richard will never go to the movies with me again, this is like the 47th time in a row I have convinced her that something we were going to see wouldn't be scary, or bloody, or creepy. This is the 47th time in a row i was wrong. Ehh, she'll probably go next time, but it always fun to threaten isn't it? I told her I would take her to see something tame like Good Boy to tip the scales back. I hope she doesn't hold me to that. Although I guess 47 to 1, is good odds.

So after the movie, Richard, Don, and I headed to the Community Inn, had a few beers, and got kicked out, around 1:30. Don, punked out on me, and went home. Just kidding. I have to rib him when i can cause he gives me shit for going home early. Richard and I hit Waffle House, and I had a nice plate of scattered, smothered, covered, and chunked, which I will not be counting on my points this week. :) I took her home, noted the beautiful night, with the full moon, and the blue cloud reflection, and headed home myself. I had no idea how late it was, and no indication how tired i was until sitting in her parking lot, i closed my eyes, yawned and almost passed out. I had been here quite early yesterday, and the nap i envisioned, never came to fruition. So i rolled into the house around 3:30. got the dog in, let her sleep in the bed, cause I wasn't gonna fool with the cage, and listen to her whine. Brushed my teeth, washed my face, and then, of course, was wide awake. So i watched TV until i hit the wall with my head, and was pissed at myself, then I'm not sure if I passed out or fell asleep, but i was gone. I woke up about 7:30, got up and headed in here, but I've been in a daze. About an hour after i got here, I realized that many people I was with at the movies last night, work here, and were giving me an eye, and a sort of evil grin. I thought maybe I had done soemthing, til I realized that in all my glory, and activity last night and this morning, I took off and put on the sme clothes this morning. I'm not a morning person, I usually lay out on my ottoman what I'm wearing the next day. So last night when i got undressed, I laid what I was wearing on the ottoman, and this morning i put it back on. and it was lunchtime before i noticed. luckily i had a change of clothes in my office, but i decided just to change pants, the shirt actually looks good. So yes, if you saw me last night, and again today, I did go home, i did sleep in my own bed, and I have showered.

AND OH MY GOD, somebody just farted at my desk and walked away, jesus h. christ, that's horrible...

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