Notgonna, Notgonna, Notgonna explain the quotes from yesterday...
on 2003-10-05 at 12:03 a.m. Okay, I was gonna explain last night's quotes, and then I decided, FUCK IT! They are probably funnier standing alone than they are if I explain them. Inside jokes are always the best kind anyway. I don't normally do that to you guys, but this time, you'll have to cut me slack :)

Okay, I got up at 8 am this morning, against my will, to spend the morning with my mom. I had said I would, and contrary to popular belief, I'm a good kid. IT was cool, it just took me awhile to wake my ass up completely. I had a migraine, possibly alcohol related, possibly sleep deprivation related, either way it sucked. We did a bunch of errands and such, and I came home and mowed the grass while I listened to the UVA-UNC game. And of course, the heels sucked ass as usual and UVA creamed them, 38-13. Bring on Clemson. Anyway.

Took a shower, headed out to Onebluegreen's place to eat chinese and watch a movie. We watched "Life is Beautiful." Excellent Movie, and I think Misty picked it knowing I'd have to stay awake to read the subtitles. Just kidding, the movie was really good, and really sad. On a side note, two people told me yesterday that they did not like "Finding Nemo". Now a fantastical blockbuster it was not, but for my money, I put it up there with Bambi as a Disney Movie every child should see. I have a hard time saying that because I tend to disagree with many Disney practices, but some of their movies are absolute must haves. Lion King, must have. Bambi, Nemo, etc...

Well, tomorrow is gonna be "make up for eating General Tso's at Misty's house" day. I'm gonna head over to the gym around 1, and watch the Giants game from the comforts of my treadmill. After that, I'm gonna crash, unless somebody has a better offer, let me know, I'm out.

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