Friday night.
on 2003-10-04 at 2:53 a.m. Okay, so tonight Alipow and I went out to Metro. That was after we took in the art opening at VWCC. I promise in the next day or so i will finish yeterday's tory, but Misty's story may enlighten you to some of it. Tonight, after everyone else cleared otu of Metro!, Alipow and I took turns writing out "Quotables for the day." I'll warn you, neither of us had eaten anything and we started off drinking at 8pm at Kara O'Caens and progressed to Emtro, where we both got a little fucked up. The following is the list of quotables...

- "Something is said about a girl wearing a backpack."

- "Pineappple and Bacardi?"

- "I'm not Catty, I just know I'm better, Where's the Valley Metro?"

- "This is so VCU."

- "I love being a home wrecker."

- "I haven;t been this fucked up in soooo long."

- "How did I last on 16 cocktails, and tonight I'm fucked?"

- "It was crucial when he went on."

- "I wanna break out my Miami Bass shit, Tootsi Roll!"

- "Sorry Girls, I suck Dick"

- "No, I ain't goin to the park, the girl that always hits on me will be there."

- "Anita Mann, nuff said, she's outta retirement."

- "Don't Puss out on us Misty."

- "Odds are, one of these guys has SPS"

- "Blowjobs? I've never refused one of those."

- "You better watch what you drink, nothing like a handicapped man with a DUI."

- "She looks a lot older than when i knew her."

- "I think he's Korean, but his head doesn't look big enough."

- "You know she's blonde, but she's trying to look Asian."

- "Jason has cleared the house."

- "DJ Castille? I think that's Jason, or on my cell phone Jasom."

- "It's gonna be an early night, I've got Kick Boxing at 10am."

- "I'm not gonna make Kick Boxing tomorrow."

Oh man, what a night, I'll update you guys ont his entry and the last one before th eweekend is out, stay tuned.

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