Smells like cleaning spirits
on 2003-09-24 at 8:41 a.m. So, Iím here. Thatís about all I have to say about that. Just kidding, just slipped into Forrest Gump there for a minute. Okay, so today has been a weird one to start off. I woke up on time, but had forgotten to set my alarm. Guess Iím just used to getting up about 7. So I did everything the way I normally do, but some how, some way, by the time I was through with the morning bathroom routine, I was already late. Okay, I donít have anyone hovering over me, and I can pretty much come and go as I please, but I still have a hard time being two faced by being late and holding my employees accountable for their tardiness at the same time. Oh well, guess thatís why Iím the man, and they all wanna hate the man. So yeah, I was late getting here, and of course, I was still the first to arrive. Iím sporting what I like to call the ďnobody loves meĒ look today. It consists of an orange-gray-white plaid sort of shirt (much cooler than it sounds) that is quite wrinkled since I had no time to iron. The funny part is I have plenty of nice shirts hanging in my closet, but I wanted to wear this one. The pants are from Old navy, sort of a dark khaki/brown cargo pants. (Youíve all seen them; there were the ones I wore in the pic I posted last week of me in the office.) I havenít shaved, and Iím bucking the open toe shoe policy by wearing my Birkenstocks. Although the Birkenstock thing seems to come and go, sometimes I find myself wearing them all the time, then I will go weeks without them, sort of like a fad thing. I grow out of them, and then have sudden longing for them, all in a short time frame. I donít care, nobodyís coming in today. So yeah, today Iím pulling off the Early-nineties, Seattle, Singles look. I think Iím gonna make that the theme of the day, pull up the old Kazaa lite, crank a little Alice in Chains, Pearl Jam, Temple of the Dog, Candlebox, Bikini Kill, PUSA, Mother Love Bone, the Posies, and Mudhoney. Maybe Iíll even slip in to some mid-nineties with Harvey Danger, Modest Mouse, etcÖ Oh yeah, Itís gonna be teen angst day at the Science Museum.

Youíll notice I left out Nirvana. Nirvana was a good band. I had no problem with them, when Kurt was alive. I guess Kurtís words just didnít speak to me from beyond the grave like they did to so many others. I think the Foo Fighters are good, and Dave Groehl has moved on nicely, I wish everyone else would too. And VH1, the next time Nirvana is listed as the best band in any top 100 list Iím going to come down there and go Tanya Harding on someone. Okay Rant over.

Immediate boss has returned from her trip to Scotland, so Iím sure the rest of my day will be hearing her talk. Either that or someone please entertain me. Another day of cleaning my office may make me go insane.

Looking forward to a fun rest of the week. Weigh-in tonight, The Rundown tomorrow, busy day on Friday, and a nice trip on Saturday.

Iím gonna go buy batteries at lunch time, so Iíll post a few chucktown pics later. Til thenÖ

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