Ten things found in a hell hole of an office.
on 2003-09-23 at 2:24 p.m. Okay, so other than a few minutes of actual work, today has been spent reading back issues of diaries that I have neglected, checking e-mail accounts I forgot I had, and cleaning my office. So as far as one and two go, mission accomplished. As far as the third one, mission started, aborted, restarted, re-aborted, restarted, now I'm here. I guess that makes abortion #3. Oh, i wonder how many google hits that sentence will get me? I can see tomorrow, there will be a huge mass of people in the parking garage with pictures of half-cleaned offices with nasty things in them trying to harrass me. Oh well. So now, I've decided i will list the cool things I have discovered in cleaning my office today.

1. Four books. They are "Groovitude: A Get Fuzzy Treasury"; Big Book of Word Puzzles 6; "We wish to inform you that tomorrow we will be killed with our families: Stories from Rwanda" (I shit you not,that is the title, and it is a great book.); and finally "The worst case scenario's guide to dating and sex." I think someone may have left that in here as a joke about 4 months ago. Okay, so i would have laughed then, now I actually picked it up to see if it had any useful information. It was moderately hilarious, although I don't see myself using any of the suggestions, it was a good read on a boring day.

2. Two cases of empty champagne bottles. I got these a couple months ago from a caterer of one of our special events. I intended to use them for a project i want to do with broken glass of different colors. Okay, so i went to the private bathroom and broke one just to see what the pieces would look like. Needless to say, i hope nobody reaches into that box in the trash can.

3. I found seven 250mb zip disks with all my old napster files. that's 1300 and some songs, so I'm currently having whiney chick music day. not sure why, but I'm rocking out nonetheless.

4. A mailing that i was supposed to do in December 2002, that never went out due to a sudden shift in responsibilities. Wonder if I should just toss it when noone is looking? If it stays here, it will just be in the way, and eventually have to be scavenged for the contents.

5. 13 plastic refillable Subway cups. I'm hoping that at some point i had a thoughtful use for these, cause i can't believe they were just laying around for no reason. They hit the trash, real quick.

6. a color copy of my favorite Basquiat painting. it's now stuck to the back of the desk.

7. A desk calendar from 1999?

8. a box of various oil paints, I don't remember buying.

9. the weight watchers recipe i've been craving "white bean and ground turkey slow cooker chipotle chili".

10 and finally, two DVDs, that were rentals from Hollywood video, last year, that i was never assessed late fees for. Amelie, and Pollock.

Okay, that was just the stuff from my sofa side of the office, now i get to my desk side. Although I think most of that is business related junk. who knows, I'll keep you apprised. And as soon as i buy batteries for my camera i'll post a couple pics from Chucktown. Later Taters.

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