A few pics from my digital camera.
on 2003-09-19 at 9:25 a.m. Okay, so I have become camera happy in the last few months in case you couldnít tell. I have always like photography, but more and more I find myself looking at things from an artistic perspective, and trying to capture that in photos. So Iím goinna post a few random pics I downloaded from my camera this morning. The first on was a special request from Judith. It is Jezebel, the Jeep. Please, no stalkers, if you see me and want to say hey, great, but please donít follow me.

These are from my trip to Ohio. The first is an interesting Steel Pattern that resides at the top of the third largest monument in the National Park Service. I thought it would be a cool pattern to use in a future painting.

This is a view of Put-in-Bay, Ohio, from the top of the monument.

This is the view of the Cosi front entrance.

And these last four were all taken the nights I spent outside guarding art at the Sidewalk Art show with Invisible Don.

Okay, there are a few. If anyone has specific things they think I should capture of Roanoke, let me know. Also, Iím headed to Charleston to visit my sister this weekend, Iíll snap some pics down there for you guys. Iím out, everyone have a beautiful calm after the storm.

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