My roller coaster lifestyle is catching up with me
on 2003-09-15 at 5:25 p.m. So today three people have asked me ďWhatís going on with Jon?Ē Well, if this isnít the most generic question than Iím a Buddhist Monk who sings. Well, actually, I kinda think that would be cool. Maybe Iím just weird like that, but you would never have to get up and wonder what to wear that day. Or what activity your day would hold. Okay fuck that! I really like doing different things everyday. Okay so thereís one profession down. **scratches through Buddhist Monk on list of top 100 things to be when I grow up** Only 99 more professions to rule out! Maybe Iíll just stay Jon. Iíll work a job for a few years til I become bored and then move on to something else. Iíll be 129 years old, working at the sewage treatment plant cause itís the only job I wouldnít have tried yet. Wait, do you think it will smell horribly? Okay then, sewage treatment operator is off the list now too, man alright, progress is sweet.

Okay, back from my asideÖ ďWhatís going on with Jon?Ē hmmmmÖ.. Iím not sure that even Jon knows. Jonís had a roller coaster couple of weeks. He has a good day,t hen a bad, then a good, then a bad. Pretty much everyday I wake up knowing that I should either hit the ground running and enjoy every minute of my day, or hit the snoozebar, pull the covers up over my head, and pray for it to change dates, quickly. Yesterday was a good day. I didnít do much. I got up around 10am, and went to church. Okay please, do not die of shock, yes I went to church, but let me explain. I went to church to attend the baptism of a friendís baby. I even participated, and remembered all the words to the Lordís Prayer, Doxology, etcÖ I know, it seems as though Iíve always been a bitter agnostic, but thatís not the case. Many of the Presbyterians were as surprised to see me, as I was to be there. One woman Iíve known for 25 years didnít recognize me. Iíll chalk that up to the weight loss, and the fact that I am completely clean shaven for the first time in @ 10 years. After church I met Shaw at Awful Arthurís to watch football. Heís a huge Saints fan, and was leaving to go back to LA last night, so I hung with him til around 4pm. I went home, mowed the grass, broke the lawnmower (yes Misty, I broke my own lawnmower.), and then took a shower. I have complained a lot recently to my parentís about not having clothes that fit. Iím not really complaining, just frustrated at wearing baggy clothes. So anyway, my mom thought it would be nice if she bought me new pjs. Okay, yes, Iím a grown man who likes pajamas, fuck you. I wear old navy pjs all the time, around the house, to sleep in, on cold days in the winter, if Iím home on a weekend I may wear them all day. You bastards who are laughing, okay, it may look funny, but its comfortable. So after my mowing, I showered and put on the pjs mom bought me, in all their glory, with white ghosts on a black background. And a black shirt. Anyway, so then mom decides she wants a ride to the grocery store, says we havenít talked in a while and wants me to take her. So I reluctantly agree as long as I donít have to get out of the car (still wearing my pjs people), she assures me this will take no longer than 15 minutes. So on the way she decides that we need gas, and asks me to drive to the Quickette or whatever. I protested a little, but she told me I didnít have to get out of the car. So I agreed. We pull up to the pump about the same time as a car on the other side. Immediately mom starts talking to this guy, and I started looking in the mirror to see if I know him, and of course, I do, heís my third grade teacherís husband. So then mom beckons me out of the car. How much of a protest can you give then, none, so yes, yesterday at around 6:30pm, I was the 6í3Ē, 295 pound man standing in the parking lot of Quickette in my Old Navy pjs. He got a good laugh. So then off to the grocery store, where of course, I see someone I know in the parking lot who insists on coming over. A girl no less, and Iím in my Old Navy pjs. She comments on my attire, how could you not? So I explain and she seems skeptical, but nice about it. Then she goes into Kroger, and mom comes out. So I take mom home and called Misty to see what sheís doing. I had told her earlier I might take a joyride out to the country to see her. She was still game, so I grabbed some pasta, and left. Mom of course, gives me the eye as I walk out the door wearing my pjs, but I figured, what the hell? Misty is less likely to give me shit than the people at Quickette and Kroger. So I went over there, watched Sex and the City, ate some Pasta, and promptly fell asleep. Of course, this seems to be my Modus Operandi at her place, the fucking sofas suck you in, and wonít let go. It was better than last time, I woke myself as I faded, last time I was out cold. Next time, Iím bringing a folding chair or something impossible to sleep on, maybe Iíll wear my tuxedo or something I couldnít possibly sleep in. Okay who am I kidding, I would so sleep in my tux if I had to. There was a wildlife relocation project that took place in BFE last night, so if you live out there and you have newfound rodent intruder, he got a ride down the mountain from Misty, I was just an unwitting accomplice. LOL. Anyway, so all that happened yesterday, a pretty good day from most standpoints. Today, I worked out, and came to work. Nothing horrendous has happened yet, but the day is not over yet. Maybe I can string a couple good ones in a row. Nah, probably not.

Hey wait a minute, yesterday, two people I know saw me in public with my jammies on. Maybe yesterday was the bad day, maybe my roller coaster calendar is screwed up. Oh well, maybe one of these days Iíll have a normal life, but Iím not betting on it.

PS- Master J is in labor with her baby, it started this morning, and she is quite premature, almost 6 weeks. They have given her drugs and sent her home from the hospital, but she could be giving birth anytime in the next couple weeks. Master J, B.J., Master A, You guys call me if you need anything, there is nothing here in Roanoke important enough to keep me here if you need me. Okay, Iím out.

PS- I just added a low quality pic of the outfit, hope it works...

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