WOO HOO, and few discoveries.
on 2003-09-11 at 7:52 p.m. Thanks for the well wishes on the weight loss guys. That was not the reason I posted yesterday's picture, but it certainly feels good to have input. I'll keep updating my pic as i keep losing weight. I'm glad you guys can see a difference, because while i feel great, I still don't look good in front of a mirror, which just means I've got work yet to do. No problem, I'm committed, and I'm gonna make my goal. So I've been told by two people who shall remain nameless that I have no ass. I don't know when that happened cause I 've always had my fair share of ass. I have noticed the sagginess of my pants, but i thought that was because they were several sizes too large. Well I broke down and went to Old Navy, and bought three pairs of pants, after Mo gave me grief about wearing the same pants all the time. They were the only ones I had that fit. I bought all three pairs for less than one pair would have cost at the Fat Guy store. But alas, the ass is still saggy. I never had a huge ass to begin with, but i certainly can't believe it's dwindled away. maybe that's where most of the 51.6 pounds has come from? anyway, I know this sounds like a story from fat camp, but I wanted to put it down, if not for you, then for me.

On other topics, I'm going to see "Once upon a time in Mexico" this evening with friends, a little sneak preview action. That is if I can ever get myself torn away from this job.

Other things discovered this week...

1. Long lost friend from Arizona/Colorado has fallen off the face of the map. We had a fallign out two years ago and i decided to try a reconciliation, but alas all numbers and addresses are no longer valid. US Search also was no help.

2. I have way too much work to do. 4 people said the same phrase to me today "I know you are swamped, but can you..." fill in your own need please.

3. I'm goddamn sexy! I look like Matthew McConnaghey when i shave my head. Okay that was joke only my sister SARA will get. (She was jealous at other people getting mentioned in my diary and not her, so there's your plug sis.)

4. Onebluegreen is lawn mower operatingly challenged. And she uses a weedwhacker like a Scythe . I'll now call her the Grim Weeder. Fear the Weeder.

And Finally I give props to Alipow for undertaking the fantastical chore of taking Skye for a hike. Skye's a puller when she's excited, I may need to hire a chiropractor for Alipow.

I'm out.

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