Great Week with Great friends.
on 2003-09-01 at 11:27 a.m. Okay, I'm back in town and back at work. Trip was great. Got several pictures and I'll start posting some of them soon. Four of us in a Nissan Maxima with a large shedding dog, made for some fun and some "hairy" adventures. First day, Sunday, we drove to Columbus,OH and ate dinner at a great restaurant named Buca Di Beppo with Mojo's brother and sister in law. Went home to their house and watched Old School after that, spent the night sleeping on a leather sofa with a large dog.

Monday we went to Cosi- Columbus, an amazing museum, took lots of pics there.Got a comp day for that, really hard work! After that we headed farther north in Ohio to Mojo's parent's house, had dinner and drove over to her Grandma's house for night. James and I stayed with Grandma, Mojo and her husband stayed with her parents. Tuesday we got up, ate some breakfast, and headed out shopping and goofing off for the day, stayed in that night, watched an amazing thunderstorm with lightning striking no more than 100 yards away several times. Played the 80's game, James and I lost by one question to Mojo's brother and sister-in-law. Wednesday was the big day. We went to Cedar Point in Sandusky, OH. Despite having lost nearly 50 pounds (48.4 as of Saturday morning) I was a little too big to ride a couple of the rides, no problem, gives me a good excuse to go back in 6 months. That was a long day, lot of walking, but a great deal of fun. Came home to dinner and quickly off to bed. Originally we were to drive home on Thursday. We scrapped that in the midle of the day on Wednesday. I was the only one who had to work, so I called in and told them I wouldn't be here. So Thursday we had a kind of Touristy day, visited the Marblehead Lighthouse on Lake Erie, as well as took a Boat Ride to Put-in-bay, OH. I have some great pics from there as well, so stay tuned for those. Ate some Colonel Mustards Frozen Custard, and headed back to Mo's parents house for dinner. Drove home on Friday, had a blast. Got repeatedly harrassed for being colorblind and not knowing the difference between blue and purple flowers. A couple other interesting developments that may get more talk later, maybe not.

Friday night, I went out with Alipow! to Metro, a local hangout. First time I had been there for drinks, we talked all evening, met some new people, she danced, I watched except for the few feeble attempts at making fun of other's dancing. Saturday, Dad, Invisible Don and Myself headed to Charlottesville for the first UVA game of the football season. A resounding victory by the Wahoos, and a great day for tailgating brought about a great end to my week. Spent yesterday cleaning the basement and putting things in Rubbermaid tubs in preparation for possible move int he spring. All in All a great week, with great friends.

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