Richard's AIM
on 2003-08-21 at 9:27 a.m. JMZax: i know you are not there right now, you're most likely at work, but I thought it would be funny if I just sent you a whole shitload of messages to teach you a lesson.

JMZax: so i was thinking, my ass looks good in khaki

JMZax: also, i hate it when you pull up to a stopsign, and the person on your right tries to wave you through. No you bastard, you have the right of way.

JMZax: one of the educators just came back from vacation, and I'm not one to pick on body type but she has a seriously malfomed shape and she's wearing flowery shorts that are too small. Kristie said she may vomit.

JMZax: I have to go to weigh in tonight, we'll see how the gym activity has piad off, or maybe not.

JMZax: namenek

JMZax: oops, that was a name for a family membership, typed int he wrong box.

JMZax: man i gotta pee.

JMZax: tmi?

JMZax: oh well too late now.

JMZax: wait, not too late to piss, too late to take back....

JMZax: nevermind.

JMZax: bowler

JMZax: damnit, another name.

JMZax: sorry

JMZax: I wonder if you have sounds turned on?

JMZax: If so, I bet Rorschach is freaking out right now.

JMZax: well i'm still here, bet you thought i had forgotten about you ;-)

JMZax: not a chance

JMZax: so whatcha doin?

JMZax: oh really! How exciting.

JMZax: So i've decided to set up a website for my art. cool huh? which may give me an incentive to start working on it hardcore again.

JMZax: Don's son Alex is here tellign me about go-carts, it's har dot work, he has said the word Bam 3427 times.

JMZax: but he';s a cute kid.

JMZax: hard to work, not har dot work

JMZax: So why do people park on the driveway and drive on the parkway?

JMZax: why are there interstates in Hawaii?

JMZax: If a tree falls on a mime and no one is there to hear it, does anyone care?

JMZax: WEll dear, I have to go and close now, but I feel as if our relationship has taken a positive step here today. I'm glad that we could have this kind of frank discussion.

JMZax: Call me later, when you want to continue this.

JMZax: ;-)

JMZax: I'm out. Jon

That was my message to Richard (Inkblot) today, I bet she never forgets to turn the AIM off again. LOL

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