Long Day
on 2003-08-18 at 2:54 p.m. So today is Monday, my day of from the Museum. Iím at my second job today, working for InvisibleDon and the computers are down once again. Iím typing this in word and whenever the service comes back Iíll download it or Iíll take it down to my office in a little while and load it from there. As I previously stated, I have a new found addiction to the internet, whether it be talking to Onebluegreen or Richard (Inkblot) or Judith on Instant Messenger, surfing the internet, looking at Art and Journalism schools in Southern California and abroad, or keeping up with UVA sports at Thesabre.com. I spend a good couple hours a day on it. Onebluegreen and I have recently discussed how the internet has replaced many things for many people. For me I feel it has replaced TV, except for a few circumstances. I really like the Discovery Channel lineup on Monday nights with Monster Garage, Monster House, and American Choppers, but with TiVo, I record them and watch them some other time, when I have time. I expect this will change in the near future when football is on, but I doubt Iíll ever really go back to watching a ton of TV. I like it as a background distraction, but since Iíve started to lose weight, and I feel better, I really feel compelled to go out and do something.

I spent yesterday evening helping Onebluegreen mow her mountainous yard. It looks nice now although it seems we constantly have to fight an uphill (Pun Intended) battle to get it done. She felt the need to buy my dinner as a thank you, but to tell the truth it was worth it for me just to get out of the house and get a little unique exercise. I pay $40 a month for that kind of activity to the Y. If I had sat on my ass all I would have been on the computer or eating a big bag of chips in front of the TV. Not watching TV has really helped with weight loss also, cause Iím not sitting on my ass consuming empty calories all day.

Iíve paid down on my car and my credit cards recently and it feels good, I really feel like the opportunity to pay off my debt in the next six months is distinctively a possibility. And people keep asking if I am serious about moving to Cali, and my answer is this: Yes. Iím serious. All other things being equal, if nothing turns up to change my mind, Iíll be there this time next year. Now is it possible Iíll fall desperately in love with some girl in Roanoke and decide not to go? Sure. But Iím not actively searching. Is it possible something happens to dissuade my decision? Sure. But I wonít know it until it happens. You canít say with any certainty where youíll be in a year, but I can say with certainty that I want to go. And if I can get out of debt, there will be nothing holding me here. Even Skye may have a temporary home arrangement, something I was not sure Iíd be able to handle, thanks to a good friend.

Oh and I know this is a long entry but remember Iíve been typing it all day since I have no access and plenty of free time. So what follows are random thoughts that rant (that was a typo, supposed to be ďranĒ, but it kinda fits) through my mind today at some point.

So Iíve been told that I have a problem with trust. Really? I know I have a hard time trusting people, but I todayís society is that really a big deal? My friends know that Iím more likely to get in trouble by telling the truth than I am to lie to you. I expect the same of my friends. I expect them to trust me enough to tell me the truth no matter what the outcome, because that is what they would get from me.

Teeth Whitening Gum is tasty, but does nothing to whiten my teeth. Iíve been chewing it religiously for two months now without results. Maybe they are for people with seriously discolored teeth which mine are not. Maybe I should check into teeth bleaching possibilities. Maybe my dental insurance will pay, oooooh that would be good.

Iím not a big fan of Beer, but Iíve discovered Yuengling in recent months and it is tasty. Itís also three points, for you other weight watchers, so I canít have very many, but it is now my Beer of choice. Liqour is still my first choice, but at three points per jigger, Iím not having much of that.

Football season is almost here, and the Wahoos are a consensus top 25 team. Expectations are high, maybe a little too high, but Iím looking forward to a fun season, Bring on the Blue Devils, Duke is in for an ass whoopin on August 30.

I was searching for art schools in California on google yesterday and came across a web page titled ďThe longest list of nick names for the vaginaĒ I had to send it to Richard and Judith I thought there were two who would appreciate it. I was not wrong. The humor of the situation was not lost on those two.

Okay I now see that service has been restored, time to upload! Later Taters.

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