Me on the Internet and Planned Parenthood Driveby on Tuesday morning.
on 2003-08-12 at 12:16 p.m. So here I sit, at the Mall, working an exhibit that is driving me bonkers. I have a shitload (which to novices with the term is a lot) of work to do at the Museum, but no, I'm stuck in Dinosaur hell, in the armpit mall of Roanoke County. God I can't wait til this exhibit is gone, and I can get back to the closed door and powerful air conditioner of my office. I had to hack this old laptop into the credit card machine just to get crappy Aol service. Man, I feel crippled by technology. I am genuinely bummed out now if I don't have access to the internet. The sad part is even when I do have it, I end up writing here, or reading about UVA sports all day. Or chatting with anyone, and everyone. What did we do without this mass entertainment tool? We read, but the sad part is, I still read, and surf the internet. My free time has diminished but I still find time for this, or moreover make time. By the way, this is an observation only, I don't plan to change.

Anyway, so today I was thinking about some random shit on the way to work. I'm gonna lay it out and if anyone has a comment or an answer feel free to contribute.

I drove past Planned Parenthood today and there were protesters just like every Tuesday morning. But today something struck me as odd, these are not all retired people, or little children who aren't in school. Those types are represented, but they were not in the majority. The majority looked to be in their late twenties to early fifties. Okay so this begs the question, do these people have full time, self supporting jobs? If the answer is yes, then why weren't they there? Does their job let them have tuesday morning off to go and protest? If it does, I want to know what job this is, because I want to quit frequenting that establishment. If these people don't have jobs and therefore most likely don't have health insurance, aren't they the ones that need the prenatal care the most? So are they protesting just the Tuesday activities or the whole Planned Parenthood mission as a whole? I guess I just need to find a rational protester to sit down and have a reasonable discussion with, although protesters seem to have a standoffish personality by nature. Anyone care to discuss?

**In an effort to cut down on negative responses I cut out a large commentary portion about the mental state of said protesters**

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