A couple of enlightening days.
on 2003-08-08 at 10:03 p.m. Okay, it's been awhile since the last entry, so what's happened with me since then. Let's see, I've spent alot of time at the Mall exhibit, I'm about ready for that to be over. C'mon September 1st! I went to Onebluegreen's place because she was worried about mowing the grass, she had been warned that her riding lawn mower was dangerous. Well, being a guy who rides one every week, i surely thought someone was just worried about her doing it alone, so i volunteered to give it a try. I now apologize, that is the most dangerous lawn mower I have ever seen. The seat is hanging on by a thread and her yard is on a mountainside, so I had an adventure, until I broke it. So now she's got a busted lawnmower halfway down a half-mowed hill in her yard. Agian, the one yard, two days monster raises it's ugly head. Not mowing gave us a chance to talk which was good, I appreciate it.

My intellectual life has been lax as of late, but a few events in the past few days have open new doors, and new opportunities. I feel like I'm moving forward with my life, and I feel fucking great about it. Last night, Onebluegreen and Richard (who is a girl, and called something else in Onebluegreen's diary, but I forget what.) and I went to see the "Stick to your guns" Art Show. It was good, I had been waiting to see it. Also spent some time in Onebluegreen's studio at for the open art night, met some new and interesting people, caught up with some old (friend wise, not age)and interesting people, and caught up on the art community gossip, always fun times. After dinner at Macado's, I came home to an evening of enlightening conversation about Christianity and my beliefs. I think I made and received good points, and all in all, it was a positive experience, Although I didn't tell them I was Agnostic. I hope they won't be pissed, because I do feel as if i added to the conversation and reading their responses was quite enlightening as well. Well, I'm off, My sister is in town, and I should probably spend some time with her. See ya soon...

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